Trying to ball again



Joined my buddy at a public court nearby to shoot some hoops a couple weeks ago after a year plus long hiatus.
What happened was what you would expect when a couple of old dudes try to do something they’re not supposed to.

Decided to draw a short comic strip about it, but the actual story was a little longer:
While shooting some hoops we spotted one of our friends from school on what we assumed was his usual evening stroll. He seemed genuinely happy to see us, and promptly joined us. He must have been tired of watching the kids all this whiile and itching to play himself.
On the other side of the court there were some younger guys playing whom I recognized as our juniors from back in school.
I was like “Hey! you schooled at XSCHOOL right?, want to have a game?”
We played first to seven wins, and of course lost all 3 games.

A little demoralizing, but it only made us want to play more.

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