Augie scene

Hello! My name is M Lee.

I am an experienced illustrator with many years experience in the industry LOL no I’m not but drawing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. Countless hours were spent doodling on textbooks and notepads and you could tell how boring or interesting my meetings and classes were by the amount of doodles in my notebooks.

One other passion I had was video games which naturally evolved into a desire to create games. With the intention of creating my own graphics for these games and being first intrigued with pixel art, I started hanging out at an awesome site called pixeljoint. I had a blast participating in challenges and collaborations but after a while, decided to try digital painting as I was amazed at what artists could achieve digitally nowadays and wanted to give it a go myself.

At around the same time I took up the hobby of creating t-shirts which led me to explore the more vector-y side of digital  graphics.

I haven’t stopped yet and see a few more mediums i wish to explore!

On this site you will find some walkthroughs of some of my creations and even if you don’t like them I hope we can all learn something from them. If I come up with something worthwhile I will offer some free game graphics on the site from time to time.