resources_gimp-logo Gimp

The poor man’s Photoshop. There were quite a few free options available but I decided to go with gimp as colors seemed to blend better to me for some reason. I use this for digital painting.


Manga studio

Back when I was contemplating attempting webcomics this seemed to be the best option. The paneling features and smooth brush strokes is what appealed to me. I use this when I want to draw something with a low color count.
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inkscape Inkscape

Free vector graphics software. I use this for creating geometric shapes and for when I want to put elements of a design together. Interestingly enough I once used this together with a modified plugin as a level editor for an app I was working on.

[SCM]actwin,0,0,0,0; GraphicsGale

Free pixel art software. Was just the right balance of features and simplicity for me.

yiynovatablet Yiynova mpsu19u drawing tablet

I was looking for an on screen drawing tablet and came upon a review on frenden. Some googling brought me to discover a distributor near where I live and I picked one up right away. Some funky stuff going on with the drivers but works well overall.

You can get it from Amazon through my affiliate link on the right.

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Huion h610 drawing tablet

A very inexpensive drawing tablet I sometimes use with my laptop.
You can get it from Amazon through my affiliate link on the right.